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"oui !! je parle aussi fran├žais"

"Yes !! I speak french too"

Completed A1 level of French course from Alliance Bhopal, in 2015. I always had this curiosity of learning different languages. It was a great experience in learning not only the language but also the culture that is followed by the native speakers.

I enjoy writing and listening poetry, specially Urdu poets

Taking the love for languages ahead, I started writing short stories in English at a very young age. I continued my writing work till college and wrote 3 short stories and endless poems which even I don't remember

Javed Akhtar

Gin gin ke sikke haath mera khurdura hua, Jaati rahi wo lams ki narmi, bura hua

Un chiraagon mein tel hi kam tha, kyun gila fir hum hawa se rahe

Harsha Bhogle

Ask Dravid to walk on water and he'll say "How many kilometers ?"

We have a surgeon at one end and a butcher at the other

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